YAP Proposal #197: EduMala Mentoring Program (Dinesh Panday, Nepal)


EduMala Mentoring Program

I am Dinesh Panday, a YPARD member as Nepal representative and Communication officer at YPARD Asia and Pacific Coordination Unit. I am 28 years old and currently pursuing PhD degree in Soil Science at University of Missouri- Columbia, United States.

The YPARD, where I am working, emphasizes the importance of youth to youth empowerment by networking and provides platform for information sharing and dissemination, as well as online and offline meetings and events. YPARD Nepal is a national chapter of YPARD, established in 2012 and currently 45 members are working as a national team including different agricultural development sectors.

We know that education is important, however, there are lots of things missing in education in terms of soft skills (like, interpersonal skills). If a young professional has lack of competency, we cannot think that s/he will be able to deliver right message to targeted audience or how others can be…

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sustainable energy


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Methods that doesn’t use up or destroy natural resources refers to the sustainable. Sustainable development is the major need of today’s world. We must keep in mind that, sustainable energy is the key for sustainable development.  

                   Whereas, energy is avail to do various types of activities in our daily life. Each and every substances possess energy. However, energy is cleave into renewable and non-renewable energy. Non-renewable energy are found to be accumulated in nature over a very long time and cannot be quickly replaced when exhausted at their origin place. It includes fossil fuel, petroleum, crude oil, natural gas etc. most of the developed countries as well as developing countries are consuming fossil fuels for various purposes now a days. If today this process is not controlled, that day is not very far when fossil fuel will eventually run out. On the other hand, fossil fuel not only heading toward exhaustion, it also leftover some harmful effects on earth. Burning fuel has great impact on earth as well as on earth’s atmosphere as it produces photochemical pollution from nitrous oxides and acid rain from sulphur dioxide. It also produce greenhouse gases including vast amounts of carbon dioxide, whose results is global warming; which the planet is facing. Continue reading

Agriculture and sustainable development

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Agriculture is an art and science to raise crops, livestock or poultry and other agriculture related crops. As the main basis of living organism for their existence in this world is feeding, but each and every second billions of people are dying due to hunger. This problem is taking dangerous route day by day because the level of population is in increasing order and production of crops is in decreasing order. In order to cutback the vast gap created between population and production some steps are needed to be implemented. And the first step of implementation must be in sustainable development on agriculture.

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